Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0: AnTuTu

Posted from the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0




And it can do MultiView and MultiWindow too.


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6 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0: AnTuTu

  1. Rafal

    I dont understand why do you like this samsung cheap tablet? From what i have seen it looks like rubbish to me, with that screen especially.

    • Because I might need a tablet for an upcoming emergency is why. Otherwise, I’d wait for the S2 Tabs next month.

      EDIT to add: As for the screen, I don’t see it as rubbish. Yes, the resolution is not Retina-class, but I also have old eyes and really can’t see the individual pixels, even with my accursed reading glasses on. That said, I’d rather have a Retina-class screen if I can wait.

  2. Sasa RS

    Very bad result considering screen resolution. I have 33300 on my Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual Boot 64GB with four time higher screen resolution (2048×1536).

    • Yes, your tablet has a more powerful Intel Atom is why. The score is typical for a Snapdragon 410, however, so at least Samsung wasn’t cheating at AnTuTu.

      • giouncino

        never seen a fraudolent result on an intel SoC too.
        I still consider this model really cheap. It could be sell at less than 90USD to be “interesting” for someone (but not for me in any case).

  3. Sasa RS

    On this models Samsung put emphasis on software, so they have few really nice software options, but SoC and screen resolution is really bad. Maybe Samsung won’t make in-house cometition to new S models.

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