Mi Note Pro: Automatic Photo Leveling

Dahyum. The more I read about this phone, the more it gives me tech lust cramps.

Now it has a software feature that will automatically level photos even when the phone is being held off-kilter [use Chrome browser for translation].

Phone held crookedly:

Click = big

Picture comes out straight (aligned to base of Mi logo):

Click = huge

And here’s another sample photo:

Click = huge

The photos are gorgeous and much more natural than those produced by the Mi Note (non-Pro) and Mi 4, both of which tend to produce “machine-processed” images with very sharp edges, making them look like photo collages.

The automatic leveling is something I wish I had on my (now-MIA) camera. You have no idea how hard it is to get a picture of the new World Trade Center that’s not slightly crooked! I have to judge it by eye, shoot, then zoom into the taken photo to see if the center line is parallel to the sides of the preview screen!

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