Foxconn Invests In Cyanogen

Foxconn is the latest to invest in Cyanogen

Foxconn pumps money into Cyanogen – is there a link to Nokia?

Also, Foxconn is in the rebadging game. It designs and builds devices for third party companies who then just stick their own badges on the units. A prime example of this is the Nokia N1. Although it carries the Nokia name it is actually all Foxconn’s work.

That’s absolutely wrong. The assembly is Foxconn. The actual industrial and software design of the Nokia N1 tablet is all Nokia, as has been previously established.

I wonder what the Android phone and tablet market will look like a year from now, with Cyanogen having such grand ambitions… and what will Google do to attempt to thwart them?

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Cyanogen OS Boast

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