Large Mi Note Pro Sample Photos

Via Weibo.

These are very large and can be studied.





What I see:

1) Upper right of first photo, mottling of green
2) Focus seems very tight, with fast falloff
3) Edge processing is a hell of a lot better, with no more hard machine-like edges
4) These look like photos, not photo collages

Very, very nice.

Same-day update: Over at Tudou, there’s a 720p sample video.

Previously here:

Mi Note Pro Sample Photos


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5 responses to “Large Mi Note Pro Sample Photos

  1. richfinck

    They are excellent. I’m assuming no editing. The depth of field you point out, I consider a plus. I feel the forever depth of field on the 5S to be a disadvantage. I’m impressed with the detail. They only fall apart at extreme zoom in. Thanks for the post.

  2. Louis

    hi Mike, any review of Mi Note Pro yet? The review may be in Chinese and I have no clue. Thanks

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