The “Lazy American” Stereotype Rises Again

First Japan said this, now China.

Hello, China. Tell me where Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, and other big Japanese brand names are today.

Crushed by Apple!



The link in the article [use Chrome browser to translate].

The pertinent Google Translate-rendered snippet:

Question: You just talked about the hard work, execution speed, persistence and focus are technology companies in China and other parts of the world the company a unique place. Do you really think that China and Silicon Valley companies have big differences in these areas it?

Kai-fu Lee: Yes, the passion for profits was similar focus, like Peter Thiel “from 0-1” or “Lean Startup” mode is similar, but the difference is huge. In China, more intense desire for success, it drives the amazing dedication and extraordinary work ethic. When we invite the 10-15 Chinese entrepreneurs to visit the United States, they were shocked at the daily working time the United States only a few hours. I’m not saying people do not have enough work, but in China, people put more efforts, such as Tencent nearby taxi station at two o’clock as normal business.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The Japanese worked their asses off too. And where are they today? They have homeless people just like in America. They have near-zero population growth. They have fallen from the world stage they once used to dominate; first to South Korea, and now to China.

Measuring thoughtwork with the same yardstick as physical labor — more hours = getting more done — is, well, just damn stupid.

Hours have nothing to do with correct solutions.

I’m reminded of the famous Plumber Story:

This couple was having problems with their plumbing. The plumber got under the sink, looked around, then hit an elbow joint as hard as he could with a hammer, and the problem was solved. The couple was overjoyed and asked how much they owed him. The plumber said $75.25.

The couple said, “That’s ridiculous. All you did was hit a pipe with a hammer. We want an itemized bill.”

So the plumber took out a piece of paper and wrote out $75.25.

.25 cents for wear and tear on the hammer and $75.00 for knowing where to hit the pipe.

— Unknown

I’d rather have a smart and experienced person propose an apt solution in a minute than have to rely on a goddammed moron who expends days to come up with something that ultimately won’t and can’t work.

Of what good are all those quantifiable hours to a moron?

Change your damn yardstick, China. Or go reserve a spot to sit next to the Japanese. They used to smugly dismiss “lazy Americans” too.

And here’s a damn newsflash: Even ants sleep.

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