CUBE i7 Remix Listed At China JD

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Jingdong China listing

Tablet render:

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The Remix OS isn’t (yet?) on my radar, so I’m not sure how many posts I’ll devote to this one. The tablet itself is widescreen and that kind of hardware doesn’t interest me.

There are a few videos about it up on Youku but at post time, Youku was having some sort of seizure and I couldn’t rip the videos to repost on YouTube. Maybe someone else will.

Same-day update: I was able to coax one video out of Youku.

Previously here:

CUBE To Do Remix OS Tablet


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4 responses to “CUBE i7 Remix Listed At China JD

  1. OMG why they put horizontal panels on widescreen tablets?
    It´s just so stupid, it becomes even more widescreen, with less useful space.
    But remix OS would be very useful on a retina-tablet

    • I don’t know the full capabilities of Remix OS, so don’t know if those can be dynamically resized. It seems vertical panels would be like simulating three phone screens. Not the best way to stimulate tablet-specific app design!

  2. E.T.

    If you’re thinking about getting a triage tablet, you may be interested in the following sale:

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