Mystery Samsung Tablet

Samsung Tablet With 4 GB of RAM Leaks via GeekBench Benchmark
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This has an Intel Atom x5-Z8500. We’re expecting the new 4:3 aspect tablets next month to contain Exynos CPUs. So what strange beast is this that runs Android on Intel with 4GBs of RAM? The x5 seems too mid-range to me to be paired with a whopping 4GBs of RAM. So I’m stumped.



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2 responses to “Mystery Samsung Tablet

  1. Robert Jasiek

    It could be a) the Tab S2, b) yet another tablet family, c) nothing but a prototype. If it appears, the next question is: can we install Windows on it or do only 16GB, firmware or driver requirements prohibit it? Would Samsung even develop versions for Android and Windows or – surprise – a dual boot tablet?

    4GB RAM is a great mystery because it contradics the very good battery duration design of the TAB A. 3GB seems enough but maybe time is just ripe for a single die 4GB RAM. Even the Surface 3 starts with 4GB only for Windows Pro. However, maybe Samsung has discovered that 4GB are the key to fluent TouchWIZ?

    Another parameter: S-Pen or not. If S-Pen, can it be bought outside East Asia?

    I predicted an exciting 2015 but could not dream just how exciting it would be… Samsung is having many chances for creating more tops or flops.

    • I wondered about it being a Windows tablet until I saw it was being benchmarked running Android. With the Asus Zenfone 2 offering 4GBs of RAM for US$299, everyone else needs to step up and offer more RAM without raising their damn price. If a phone can do it, so should tablets.

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