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Contemptible Ignorance Of The Market

DigiTimes: China-based white-box vendors push dual-OS tablets

But this is the one that gets up my nose:

Android Headlines: Dual-OS Tablets May Come Soon From White-Box Vendors

Now, if a report coming from Taiwan is anything to go by, some white-box tablet manufacturers in China are planning to do what big mainstream vendors like Asus and Samsung could not achieve in face of stiff opposition from the giants based out of Mountain View and Redmond. A report claims that some white-box tablet manufacturers are looking to create a whole new sub-category of product – dual-boot devices featuring Android and Windows, a step which could indeed make tablets more attractive among mainstream consumers.

Where the hell has Android Headlines been all this time?

I’ve been writing about these tablets since the first one, back in September 2014!

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Supergirl: The Leaked Pilot


Oh yes.

And no spoilers.

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