R.I.P. Actress Anne Meara

Actor and comedian Anne Meara, mother of Ben Stiller, dies at 85

All of the headlines I’ve seen include “mother of Ben Stiller,” which irks me. She had her own career and earned fame well before anyone knew of her son, Ben.

I loved her, both as a member of Stiller and Meara, and on her own in a variety of movie and TV roles.

Rest in peace.


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3 responses to “R.I.P. Actress Anne Meara

  1. Bette Forester

    You always get the sad news to me before anybody else…including the NYT!
    I feel I must comment in this case. You said “She had her own career and earned notoriety…”
    I think you mean she was already famous in her own right.
    noun: notoriety
    the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed.
    synonyms: infamy, disrepute, ill repute, bad name, dishonor, discredit;
    ill fame.

  2. I loved those Stiller and Meara radio spots. I highly recommend “Married to Laughter: a Love Story Featuring Anne Meara,” (2000), a memoir written by Jerry Stiller chronicling the courtship of his wife when they were both struggling actors.

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