Asus iPad Mini Clone In Renders

The Asus ZenPad is looking pretty nice in 4:3 in these press renders

Well then. Here we are:


I’m not sure what’s going on with this funky back, however:


It looks like two tablet backs to me. A seven-inch tablet resting on the eight-inch one. Erm.

As for appearance, we’ve seen something like it before.

Xiaomi MiPad, Asus ZenPad:


Note that’s an appearance — not size — comparison.

I like the front-facing speakers. I’m uncertain about the Intel CPU. Let’s wait to see the AnTuTu score. And the price and availability. (Although with how quickly Asus got the Zenfone 2 available for sale, perhaps they can do likewise after announcing this?)

At least this looks nothing like the prior fugly render!

This is expected to be announced next week at the Computex Taipei trade show.

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2 responses to “Asus iPad Mini Clone In Renders

  1. anonymous

    props on your blog, man
    sidenote: not sure if AnTuTu is the best benchmark (well, ultimately, to each his own, and there’ll be fanboys throughout)–but AnTuTu has been noted to geared towards showing multicore results (which would be highly beneficial to the Chinese companies pushing out octa-cores, ahem); while it has been shown that while something like Gmail can use all eight cores…the major-major bulk of the work is done on 2 cores, and a distant 3rd core, the other cores just kinda fluctuate

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