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Android M: microSD and MultiWindow

Android M is bringing extensive SD card support at a very ironic time

It took a lot of time, but Google finally seems to have seen sense and understood that while microSD cards might not offer the best experience, they are something the smartphone market cannot live without, especially in the low-end and mid-range smartphone market. Unfortunately for buyers of Samsung’s newest flagships, the search giant’s new found acceptance of expandable storage is extremely ironic, as they will not be able to use a feature that many have long clamored for on the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

This is Android M’s “highly experimental” multi-window mode for tablets

Google’s version of the feature divides your tablet’s screen into quadrants. You can run two apps side-by-side or stacked on top of each other by splitting the screen down the middle; three apps with one app on half the screen and two apps on the other half; or four apps by putting one in each quadrant.

Two steps in the right direction.

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