CBS-TV’s The Briefcase Is Not New

On The Briefcase, Poor Americans Have to ‘Prove’ Themselves

The Hunger Games: New CBS reality show exploits poor families by making them grovel for $101,000

This is what came before it:

Reversal of Fortune (2005 film)

A Homeless Man is Given $100,000 by a Film Director and Blows it All Foolishly

I remember the filmmaker being on Oprah. I remember screaming at someone else who was watching about how the guy was wasting that money. I got, “So what? It’s his money.” The end result was what I foresaw: The guy wound up homeless and penniless again.

I’m sure in this new and highly-exploitive CBS show, there will be Happy Endings — of a sort.

Previously here:

Mega Millions Mania

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