Ticwatch/Ticwear OS

More information about the Ticwatch is available at Smarthey [Google Translate]. Aside from having a crown, it has a special touch area on the side.


The recording of today’s presentation is available at iQIYI. It’s two hours long and, of course, all in Chinese.

Since I’m not sure if this will have any significance outside of China, I’m not going to post a bunch of Weibos from the presentation. Go to the video mentioned above, which also includes live demonstrations of the watch.

From today’s flood of Weibos about the Ticwatch with Ticwear OS, an illustration of the watch hardware:

Click = big

The design of the watch is by famed Frog Design, which once did products for Apple.


YouTube has three videos ripped from Youku that demonstrate the upcoming Ticwear OS on a Moto 360 smartwatch.

China is large enough that this can be raging success over there — just like Xiaomi has been — without ever entering other markets. It remains to be seen if this company has international ambitions.

Previously here:

Ticwatch Crowdfunds Over 2.5 Million Yuan

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