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R.I.P. Actor Richard Johnson

Actor Richard Johnson dies, aged 87

Since he was under exclusive contract to MGM — that’s how movies rolled in those days — he had to decline taking the role of James Bond. Him as James Bond — how that would have changed history!

Gerry Anderson fans will recall him as the husband of Dr. Helena Russell in the Space: 1999 episode, A Matter of Life and Death (available on Hulu).


Rest in peace.


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Bob Lefsetz And The Apple Watch

My Apple Watch

So I ordered an Apple Watch because I’m sick of living in the sixties. Waiting for the process to be refined and the price to come down. All that means is you live without the product for a few years, and that’s a mistake. I might as well get the utility today. The price comes down, power is increased, but the truth is today we expect products that work right out of the box, which the Apple Watch does, assuming you know how to use it.

And you don’t.

The learning curve is STEEP!

And let me be clear. My goal isn’t to have you “ooh” and “ahh” when you see it on my wrist, but to extract functionality from it. I want to use all the features. And I found it hard to get past Go, because the device is not intuitive.

His adventure makes me giggle. Imagine the people who live outside of China, buying the Apple Watch clones and being confronted with printed instructions that are all in Chinese!

And then everything on the clone itself is in Chinese!

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Writer Kills His Career With His Own Words

This is just awful: Cait’s Reviews > The Boy and the Peddler of Death.

The writer steps in and quickly displays the kind of mind that should never be seen in public.

It goes on for two pages.

Never, ever do this to yourself!

Next-day update: Being a coward, the writer deleted his posts. Tim Cushing pointed out in Comments that they’ve now been archived for everyone to still see.

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Got A Bad Review? Really, Just STFU!

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 FCC Drawing

Via Liliputing:


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Another Apple Watch Clone: Vido Watch W80



More information at their web page.

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Ticwatch Crowdfunding Increases



4,101,867 yuan, up from 2,588,265 yuan.

This is the first watch made in China with a made-in-China OS.

Previously here:

Ticwatch/Ticwear OS
Ticwatch Crowdfunds Over 2.5 Million Yuan

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