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Reference: Chromebooks

I’m becoming increasingly intrigued by the idea of using a Chromebook for mobility.

This Windows notebook I’m using started out fast and has become slower and slower — as Windows usually does. I’m sick of that. There’s just no damn excuse for it in 2015. Yes, it’s Windows 7 — but if you think I’m going to do a disk wipe for Windows 8.1 or 10, you’re living in techie bubble where 1TB hard drives for backups grow on trees for free and people have lots of time to devote to such an arduous task.

There are just a few things I do with a notebook:

1) Browse the web
2) Screen snapshots, cropping them
3) Blog posts
4) Use the dotEPUB extension
5) Download and look at PDFs
6) Download and play video

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Napoleon Hill: Did He Ever Meet Andrew Carnegie?

Thanks to Sean T. Carter in Comments for pointing me to this.

Napoleon Hill – the Lies about Andrew Carnegie

Had Carnegie wanted a major study of ‘success’, he could employ the best, most authoritative minds in the business, and demand they report within months. He was an old man in 1908 — why invite a nonentity to undertake unpaid research conscious he probably wouldn’t live to see the results twenty years later? Carnegie was decisive. He got things done.

This is a detailed analysis of written statements made by Napoleon Hill that simply don’t reconcile with one another and which contradict the historical record.

There’s only one way to tell if Hill ever met Carnegie: Find Carnegie’s Guest Book.

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