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Second Memo To Lenovo/Zuk



Xiaomi opens its first Mi Home store outside of mainland China, in Hong Kong.

But wait! Lenovo said:

It’s just an online model. Now everyone knows how to do that.

Yeah, I’m going to rub their snout in this again.

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Memo To Lenovo/Zuk



Lei Jun posts a selfie from a Xiaomi meeting held at one-thirty in the morning.

You still think it’s “just an online model”?

Previously here:

Lenovo Will Eat These Words

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Livefan: New Windows Tablet, New Screenless Tablet

Livefan introduced a new Windows 8.1 tablet today along with a weird portable computer that’s essentially a tablet PC without a screen.

The Windows tablet (click any image to enlarge):


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Tim Cook’s WWDC 2015 Weibo



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Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch: Finale?



I’m returning mine. It’s too soon, if ever.

They assume you’re constantly vertical. Just try checking the time if you’re lying down.

And you can’t read the face in sunlight and if you’re over forty, good luck seeing the screen.

The Apple Watch must be bigger and display the time at all times. The rest of the complaints are secondary, about speed and charging. You’ve got to perform the core functions perfectly, otherwise people don’t care. Notice they didn’t state how many watches have been sold. Now that they’re just about caught up with back orders you’re gonna start seeing stories about what a failure the Watch is. You’ll be able to buy one instantly and the only people testifying paid for it. And I haven’t seen any celebrities wearing them recently…

The new Google Glass?

Looks like it!


Let’s see how the Pebble Time — with its always-on screen — does in comparison. I still have no reason to own any.

Previously here:

Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch
Bob Lefsetz And The Apple Watch

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6


[Updated] Samsung gearing up to launch the Galaxy Tab E (SM-T56x) lineup?

Samsung, just cut to the chase and announce the Tab S2 models already!

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