InVisage Quantum Film

InVisage Opens World’s First Sub-5nm Fabrication Site for QuantumFilm Cameras

The manufacturing facility, called QFAB3, features unprecedented sub-5 nanometer process geometry within an ISO Class 10 cleanroom. It is designed to support a wide range of products, from mobile phones to high-end cameras as well as drones and other IoT devices that require high performance cameras.

“Because we use quantum dots, we don’t need finely patterned lithography to achieve our high performance and sub 5-nm scale. This QuantumFilm fab has a multiplier effect in terms of product performance, value, and output. So our factory is compact and accomplishes much more than the typical fab,” said James Chou, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations. “All the steps could fit within one shipping container. This enables many expansion opportunities we’re already scouting for.”

Purported demo video after the break.

I am very skeptical of this. I remember the hype surrounding Foveon.

Also, what’s up with this? Invisage Videos Deleted


InVisage website
Wikipedia: InVisage Technologies


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