LG G Stylo

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It was a bit eerie, one of the suggestions to me.


Why eerie? Because I’ve been looking at the LG G Stylo phone.


Over at Metro PCS, it’s double the price of the ZTE Zmax. But here — in random order — are its advantages at that price:

1) Better build
2) Compact design
3) 64-bit CPU versus 32-bit
4) Android 5.x versus Android 4.x
5) Stylus versus no stylus
6) Bootloader unlocking versus locked
7) Root access versus none
8) Split-screen multiwindow versus none
9) Laser focus versus optical
10) Seemingly better camera

And also important is the support over at the XDA Developers forum:

XDA thread

USB Host

Factory Reset

Metro PCS rooted (as can be T-Mobile)

I’m still in no position to get a phone. But I held the LG G4 earlier this week and liked it. But that was a 5.5-inch screen, while the LG G Stylo is 5.7 inches.

Same-day update: Sprint is now offering this phone. There are two versions people should be aware of.

Sprint/Boost Mobile: 1GB RAM, 8GBs internal storage, 5MP front and 8MP back camera.

T-Mobile/Metro PCS: 2GBs RAM, 16GBs internal storage, 5MP front and 13MP back camera.

I have no idea why there are two versions to confuse people nor why the Metro PCS one is so inexpensive.


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2 responses to “LG G Stylo

  1. E.T.

    I’d like to see an option for unlocked phone, budget considerations, battery time and screen vs. palm size constraints.
    Also, I wonder of the Nexus 6 always come’s up.

    • From what I’ve read at XDA, the T-Mobile version includes an app that will allow the owner to unlock. I don’t know if the Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, and Sprint models have it too.

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