The Past Casts A Long Shadow

Who’s the speaker at his graduation? The man who sent him to prison

Wright is a fast talker and an easy smiler. He got his start in business selling M&Ms to make money for his church when he was a kid. He sold M&Ms in store parking lots. The pastor gave him a 25 percent cut.

Wright was a natural. He made enough selling M&Ms that he was able to buy a Playstation with his own money, he said. When Wright was 10, he found out who the candy distributor was, bought his own boxes and put his sisters to work for him. They said they were selling candy for the church, but they kept all the profits, Wright said.

Car dealer fires former gang member after story about his success

After Wright began working at Lowery Brothers, he said the job was his “dream job.” He was making a middle-class salary and putting his sales skills to work.

Anyone who thinks sales is easy has never done sales. Selling is hard. And that he, as a kid, was clever enough to find the candy distributor and sell enough for a PlayStation — this guy is a natural salesman. He has The Gift.

And that he renounced his criminal past, got educated, and wanted to go straight shows personal initiative.

This is an unfair situation. All I can hope for him is that there’s truth in this:

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. — Napoleon Hill

Let him be snapped up by someone who recognizes his skills and let him get the justice he deserves by selling the shit out of things and showing his former narrow-minded employer how it’s done outside of the small world of car dealerships.

And let’s cue Les Brown:

Quante Wright, you stay strong.


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