Some Pebble Time Photos




The low resolution of the screen is very evident in the final photo (click to enlarge).

I still wait to fondle this at a Best Buy. And I still have no reason to buy one.

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4 responses to “Some Pebble Time Photos

  1. Luke

    The screen starts to look nice, even if it has been said that it is low res.
    But wait, a watch, even a smartwatch should look nice. This thing still looks like the first casio digital watch from the beginning of the 80’s or some DIY thing that comes in a box and has to be assembled.
    I’m sure for the price…. looking at a complete smartphone for less than their price … the casing should be more like it should

    • I agree. The screen also seems too small because of the huge bezels. This is why I wouldn’t buy one online. I’d want to see it in person for myself and try it out. In videos I’ve seen, it seems you have to do too much button-pressing for various results. That could get very annoying very quickly.

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