Xiaomi MiBand 2 Leaked (Updated: NO!)



Next-day update: I should have smelled a troll when someone on reddit/android pointed out it looked like another product. Because it is: That Xiaomi mi band 2 is actually the latest wearable from Zeaplus. Before I posted, I checked prominent Xiaomi accounts to see if there were any denials or even mentions. There weren’t. So, I posted it and got punk’d. Sorry to all for passing along bad info.

“600 million” haven’t been sold. That’s poor translation of the way the Chinese language expresses numbers. Over six million have been sold.

A display on the front means no more laser etching, like this:


However, if that screen stays on all the time, it becomes a better watch than the Apple Watch.

A display also opens it up to additional functionality. Imagine a string of icons, like on the Samsung Gear Fit …


… but less decorative.

Will it tie into the Mi TV now too? And will the device itself display some of the statistics that now requires the app to see?

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of screen that is and the impact it will have on battery life. Will charging be needed weekly?

Remember that this will work both with Android and iOS.

They sold over six million of the original. I predict they will more than double sales of this one. Especially once it’s available on the American Mi Store. I want one. It’d be good just as a watch if that screen is always-on.


Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Leaked With Touch Screen Display

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