Xiaomi’s Lin Bin Questions Large Phones



Machine translation makes it difficult to tell if he was joking or serious.

But this raises an issue I’ve wanted to discuss: Phone sizes.

Phones were originally made small because they had basically two functions: Voice calling and texting.

The size of the keyboard actually dictated how tiny a phone could be to accommodate human fingers (or thumbs).

Once the iPhone “reinvented the phone,” it became a lot more. Basically it became a pocket computer and calling and texting were reduced to apps.

The iPhone made it possible to finally access the full Internet, not the pathetic crippled versions offered by the Palm Treo, Windows Mobile, or — god help us all — WAP.

Being able to comfortably view the Internet now dictated the size of the phone.

No one wanted this:


The Palm Veer was the worst of both worlds: A screen too small to view the Net, with a keyboard too small to comfortably use.

Instead people want this:


For myself, I find anything below 5.5-inches to be too small — and, depending on the design of the phone, even that sometimes seems small to me.

I think bigger phones are better.

But not this:



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6 responses to “Xiaomi’s Lin Bin Questions Large Phones

  1. Ric Day

    I agree about phone sizes. My first was a Motorola DynaTac which weighed a ton, had very limited talk time, and required many hours to recharge. Lots of so-so phones followed. Then Apple’s iPhone changed the market.

  2. Luke

    I and my wife have the Oneplus One which has a 5.5 inch screen.
    First everybody laughed at us for this semi-tablet … but the day before yesterday my mother in law, the reference in anti-IT (lol), told me that she would like a bigger phone since she couldn’t read anything on her 4.2 inch screen.
    5.5 is just doable in big pocket pants and absolutely wonderful for women who carry half their life in a bag. 6 inch would be just too much and uncomfy to call I think.

  3. Henry

    this is what he wrote,

    “I don’t understand the reason why the people are making 6, 7 inches phablet and charge high price like a thief. In a similar fashion, he could sell a Xiao Mi Tablet @ 4000RMB with adding a 2 dollar phone module. Will this end up selling a lot?”

    This is an endless debate on single or double hand operation on phone. (1) one hand operation phone + tablet; (2) 1 device fit all and trade off for scarifying single hand operation.

    For me, I’m taking 5.5″ phone + tablet but at times I still found 5.5″ phone still too big for single hand operation and too small for content viewing but I am too lazy to turn to the tablet while on the go…

  4. Eric

    I am happy with my iPhone 6 plus, finding it a better screen size that the Nokia 1020 I had before it. The 1020 is approximately iPhone 6 sized.

    I gave my iPad mini to an uncle as I stopped using it. Though I find myself looking for a 13″ tablet to read comics. I find the 10″ screens are still too small and that is with new prescription. There are $170 dollar android things on Amazon, sadly they do not ship them to Australia.

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