China Tablet Changes

There have been few China tablet news posts here only because there’s been very little tablet news out of China. At least of tablets that interest me. There’s been a few announcements of seven-inch 3G SOFIA-based tablets.

I think Intel has ended their subsidy program for low-end tablets.

And the shift to x-series CPUs without subsidies has caused China tablet makers to pause and take stock.

It seems they’ve bet on going with Core-M CPUs, trying to capture a higher-end customer, particularly those who would use such a machine for business. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out since most have unfavorable reputations inside China from their prior low-end tablets.

June is coming to an end and there’s been no additional word from Onda about their Core-M-based iPad clone. If it never comes to market, that would be a sign that the era of China tablets most people here have been interested in is coming to an end.

Frankly, that wouldn’t make much of a difference to me. I’m pretty much set on one of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets.

With China tablets of interest likely coming to an end, the only thing of slight interest to me are China phones. But the manufacturers need to include worldwide radios. And despite some of their incredible specs, few do. And I have my doubts that any of them except Xiaomi can break out of their local market. None of the tablet makers did, except as rebranded junk at places like Best Buy.

So, that explains what’s been happening here.


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4 responses to “China Tablet Changes

  1. I just dont understand how it is possible to consider Samsung tablets as a variant while they cost about 3 times as much as standard Atom retina tablets

    • I never said they were a variant. From past posts, it should be clear I’d rather have the horsepower, build quality, local in-store purchasing, and easy refund if defective, of such a tablet. The new S2 Tabs will be 4:3, basically iPad and iPad Mini clones, just like the Tab A series are.

  2. Bernie

    Mike I have to say that I love chinese tablets. I have the Pipo P1 and it is a great machine and i have commented before on it. i use it up the end of my 120 foot garden and recieve wifi from a wifi rooter nearly 90 foot away and works great. The RK 3288 chips is brilliant and so is the performance and for the price what really is there to bitch about. yes go ahead and pay £300-£400 but you are still getting a tablet

    • giouncino

      I bet that if you have the possibilty to try a cube or teclast device you immediately change your mind about pipo.

      I have had the possibility to test and open many pipo devices and they are absolutely crappy devices. The worst I’ve ever seen.

      Teclast and Cube ARE SO MUCH better that you cannot imagine.

      Pipo P1 in particular is one of the more unlucky pipo tablet on the market. You are one of the lucky guy that have one that is STILL working…I suggest you to keep finger crossed for that!

      I’m talking that as and administrator of a Pipo Italian community, so I EXACTLY know what I’m talking about!

      Other than that it’s a really strange very long period of time that Chinese brands don’t announce new devices…This is the first time I see that…

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