Core-M Onda V919 3G iPad Clone Still Alive



Just two days ago I wondered if this tablet was still alive.




I’m slightly interested in this tablet, so will continue to monitor China about it.

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3 responses to “Core-M Onda V919 3G iPad Clone Still Alive

  1. haha if the price would be like 400 dollars, there will be no use in this tablet
    I dont understand why core m is so expensive. 200 dollars for a SoC is incredible.

  2. giouncino

    a Core-m on a 9.7″ retina class display would be really interesting with a reasonable price…
    Unfortunately I don’t trust too much on Onda quality…

  3. Man, this with a digitiser (even a cheapo Synaptics or Atmel) would just about be my dream tablet. Cube i7 Stylus is so close, but 16:9 is a real turn-off for anything done in portrait (PDF annotation for example).

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