Full Specs, Price Of Core-M Onda V919 3G Leaked On JD China

Via IMP3Net, which found the listing [Google Translate]:


The specs:


And what’s the price?

If the JD listing is correct …


… 1,999 yuan, which is …


That goes beyond my price threshold for ordering something from China. But I’d still like to see reviews, so will continue to monitor China sites for more.

And to confirm this is a leak, at post time the Onda page for it hasn’t even been set up yet:


Same-day update: The JD.com listing [Google Translate]. Note that the price appears only in the original Chinese page.

Previously here:

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4 responses to “Full Specs, Price Of Core-M Onda V919 3G Leaked On JD China

  1. Hmm.. battery seems very weak for a core m and no usb3. I hope it really is a 64gb SSD as opposed to emmc but I don’t know… something just isn’t quite adding up about this tablet.

  2. Type C USB 3.1 would be nice. I’m guessing that really is an SSD, not MMC but we’ll have to wait & see for sure…

  3. Price seems pretty good for core m hopefully it will drop over time to about 250 or maybe teclast will release something cheaper. I think I’m good with usb 2.0 because of backwards compatibility. But I definitely won’t buy this because I need GPS so NSA can track me :)

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