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Apple Still Guilty Of eBook Conspiracy


Apple Conspired to Fix E-book Prices: U.S. Appeals Court

By a 2-1 vote, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court judge that the conspiracy violated federal antitrust law, and that the judge acted properly in imposing an injunction to prevent a recurrence.

Writing for the majority, Circuit Judge Debra Ann Livingston said that by organizing the conspiracy, “Apple found an easy path to opening its iBookstore,” while ensuring that marketwide prices rose to a level that Apple and the publishers wanted.

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Apple Guilty Of eBook Conspiracy


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The Making Of Ticwatch

The inside story of designing the all-Chinese smartwatch: How the Ticwatch won over China’s answer to Kickstarter

The Frog team learned that Mobvoi’s young target market in China approached smartwatches in a much more “idiosyncratic” way than the makers of the iconic international smartwatches we’ve seen so far would lead us to believe.

“They seemed to be buying less to be ‘seen’ or to project status or to communicate upwards social mobility,” said Wessler. “It was much more idiosyncratic and more for ‘myself’. So people really wanted it to look like a classic watch. The interactions and the information gained from it and the way that you play with it, it’s a more personal interaction. Toned down, classic, not so loud about being different. It’s not really about anybody else, it’s about me.”

One of Frog’s biggest inputs into how Ticwatch owners will use the smartwatch comes in the form of the Tickle strip, a capacitive strip along the stainless steel edge of the watch itself. It’s a clever solution which really pays attention to how our hands approach a smartwatch worn on the wrist.

It’s very rare to get an English-language look at something this new. Worth a read.

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Meizu, Huawei Introduce New Phones



5.2 and 5.5 inch screens. Boring.

Click the Weibo link for more photos or see these reports at GizChina:

Launched: This is the Helio X10 powered Meizu MX5

Launched: Huawei Honor 7 full specifications

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