Director Danny Boyle’s Casting Innovations


With the movie Steve Jobs, director Danny Boyle threw away that silly notion that the star must at all resemble the real-life subject.

That’s just silly, uncreative, and, well, dammit, creatively fascistic.

Boyle has announced that he loved doing the Steve Jobs movie so much that he’s got several more movies with real-life subjects in them.

See the casting reveals after the break.

Adolf Hitler:


Abraham Lincoln:

Gloria Steinem:


Martin Luther King:


We look forward to being confused as fuck, just like we were with the trailer for Steve Jobs!



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6 responses to “Director Danny Boyle’s Casting Innovations

  1. Ric Day

    I reckon that should be illegal. Geez.

  2. Keishon

    Ha. Is this the same movie that two other actors ditched? What actor did you have in mind? Maybe he couldn’t find anyone to play this role.

  3. rambleon

    It would have helped if they dyed Fassbender’s hair black.

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