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Sam Wyly

Once worth $1 billion, Sam Wyly is bankrupt but still fighting

Wyly founded University Computing Co. in 1963 with $1,000 in the bank and grew it into a multimillion-dollar computer services company. In 1967, Sam and Charles purchased the Bonanza Steakhouse chain and expanded it to 600 stores before selling it in 1989.

In 1982, the Wylys bought controlling interest in Michaels, the craft store chain. It grew from a private company with $10 million in revenue in 1982 to $1.2 billion public company in 2006.

He once worked for IBM. Moved to Honeywell, where he helped get them into computers. He figured if he could do that for Honeywell, he could damn well do it for himself. With just a thousand bucks, he started University Computing Company and began to make his first fortune.

For someone so savvy, why isn’t his book — 1,000 Dollars and an Idea: Entrepreneur to Billionaireavailable as an ebook?


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CUBE i7 With Remix OS Gets A Second Review

Cube i7 Remix review: Tablet with true Android multi-tasking experience

It may not be the most powerful Android tablet out there, but you still get an overall smooth experience, even when there are several applications running in the foreground.

Over at cngadget, in full English with many photos.

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Too Late For The Nexus 9?

The Nexus 9 is finally a tablet you should buy

So with that, we’re now happy to recommend the Nexus 9 as an Android tablet you should buy. The hardware has held up reasonably well to punishment, and the software has finally gotten up to our standards after the latest updates. If you’re looking for a larger Android tablet, the Nexus 9 should now be in the conversation.

With the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets with 4:3 aspect ratio and drool-tastic Super AMOLED screens soon to come, I don’t see how the Nexus 9 can even stay in the race. Unless Google does a massive price cut. And even then … no microSD card slot.

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NYC’s Backward War On Progress

EXCLUSIVE: Police begin crackdown on illegal scooters and electric bikes

“They’re always going the wrong way. We live on a one-way street and there’s a couple restaurants up on the corner, and when they deliver, they come up the wrong way quite often. I don’t want to hit them (with my car).”

Meanwhile, he’s probably one of the people ordering from the damn restaurants and would scream like a child if the scooterist took the long, legal way and his precious Yuppie food got cold.

Electric scooters and electric bikes should be fully legal in NYC. This garbage of keeping them illegal has been going on for too long.

Most delivery people are non-white, so if I wanted to be a foaming at the mouth Marxist deconstructionist, I could scream that this is sheer racism. But it’s not. It’s bureaucratic smugness and laziness.

None of the people in power have a need for them, so why should they care about those who do?

What do we get instead of private, legal ownership of electric scooters and electric bikes? Miles and miles of public land being devoted to the private company of Citibike. Where people have to pay to ride.

NYC should have devoted those miles of public land to public bicycle parking. But the hell with the public interest in NYC, let’s give priority to shit that makes money and can generate bribes.

If the “all-American” chi-chi Upper East Sider whites suddenly got an interest in electric scooters and electric bikes, you can be damn sure the politicians would jump to accommodate them.


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Meizu To Announce Smartband?



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Xiaomi Mi 5 Phone: Dual Cameras?



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