NYC’s Backward War On Progress

EXCLUSIVE: Police begin crackdown on illegal scooters and electric bikes

“They’re always going the wrong way. We live on a one-way street and there’s a couple restaurants up on the corner, and when they deliver, they come up the wrong way quite often. I don’t want to hit them (with my car).”

Meanwhile, he’s probably one of the people ordering from the damn restaurants and would scream like a child if the scooterist took the long, legal way and his precious Yuppie food got cold.

Electric scooters and electric bikes should be fully legal in NYC. This garbage of keeping them illegal has been going on for too long.

Most delivery people are non-white, so if I wanted to be a foaming at the mouth Marxist deconstructionist, I could scream that this is sheer racism. But it’s not. It’s bureaucratic smugness and laziness.

None of the people in power have a need for them, so why should they care about those who do?

What do we get instead of private, legal ownership of electric scooters and electric bikes? Miles and miles of public land being devoted to the private company of Citibike. Where people have to pay to ride.

NYC should have devoted those miles of public land to public bicycle parking. But the hell with the public interest in NYC, let’s give priority to shit that makes money and can generate bribes.

If the “all-American” chi-chi Upper East Sider whites suddenly got an interest in electric scooters and electric bikes, you can be damn sure the politicians would jump to accommodate them.


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3 responses to “NYC’s Backward War On Progress

  1. Excellent points. Particularly about Citibike. Amsterdam citizens would be appalled.

  2. Luke

    Same is happening everywhere it seems. Here you have to be a person living in the city and buy some 1 year thing to be able to make use of them.
    I know loads of people who take the train, bus or tram to the city and could actually use those bikes but just can’t. I would say the concept is great, don’t mind paying but it’s not the way it should be.

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