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Samsung Galaxy Phone A8 Gets A Review


Over at PC Online, of an engineering sample [use Chrome browser to translate].

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So Much For That Jolla Tablet

Jolla shifts efforts to Sailfish OS, exits smartphone hardware business

From their PDF [direct link]:

Jolla is committed to deliver the Jolla Tablet to its Indiegogo crowdfunding contributors and is working hard to start first shipments as soon as possible. “The software (Sailfish OS) part of the work is in good shape but we have been slowed down by supply issues of certain hardware components. We expect to solve this issue very soon,” Mr. Saarnio says.

The new Jolla devices company will be announced separately after the summer.

We’ve seen this before.

When Palm spun off its software from its hardware.

Although Jolla claims it will be making announcements next week at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, I wouldn’t place any bets on either part of this company being relevant or in business by year’s end.

Previously here:

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Teclast X98 Air II Android 5.0 Dual-OS Test Firmware



As usual, it goes to a locked forum post [Google Translate].

Images after the break.

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Thunderbirds 1965


Press release follows:

Thunderbirds 1965 Project To Create Classic Thunderbirds Episodes Using Original 1960s Audio Recordings

This September marks 50 years since Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s ground-breaking Thunderbirds series blasted onto TV screens in the UK. To celebrate this special anniversary, the iconic puppets will be making a spectacular return in three brand new episodes in Thunderbirds 1965, a project created by director Stephen La Rivière.

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Stunning Smartwatch App



On a Moto 360 smartwatch.

See big pic after the break.

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