Asus Violates Rule One: Don’t Confuse The Market!

Asus ZenPad S 8.0 is now available to buy in the US for $199.99

Interestingly, Best Buy says it’s selling the Z580C model of the Asus ZenPad S 8.0, but the specs it lists are actually those for one iteration of the Z580CA. We assume Asus’ naming conventions have managed to confuse even this well known retailer.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I didn’t even look at the listed specs!

A reality check is in order.

The CPU specs Best Buy lists:


And the actual CPU specs via AnTuTu (it’s the Intel Z3530, if you don’t want to click to enlarge):


(And this lists the CPU speed as 500.0-1333.0 MHz if you don’t want to click to enlarge):



Asus went and confused even Best Buy, who is perhaps their major retail partner.

This isn’t going to be good if customers look at the specs and then wonder why the machine doesn’t live up to them!

Asus: Stop giving products similar names. One tablet should have been called the Asus ZenPad 8.0 (the hell with that “S”) and one the Asus ZenPad 8.0 Plus or even Pro.

Why is something so obvious so hard for your company to manage?

Fire the marketing department — or listen to them, if they raised this.

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