Asus ZenPad S 8.0: First AnTuTu Score

Update, August 22, 2015: I see this is a popular post. Let me point out up front that this is the US$199 lower-end version, not the US$299 version (that I call the “Plus/Pro” version in this blog) that features a USB-C port.

In one swoop, Asus has killed all Chinese iPad mini clones and embarrassed the hell out of Samsung too.

Last night, Thursday, July 9. 2015:

Click any image to enlarge.



This is being posted via a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.

Today, July 10, 2015:

It was my intent to publish live from Best Buy last night.

That didn’t work out.

For some unknown reason, the WordPress site wouldn’t let me place more than the above two photos in the post. So I chose not to publish at all.

Coming back, I got caught in a downpour that delayed my return for two hours. By then, I was too damn tired to want to do anything other than sleep.

All I got to do with this tablet is run AnTuTu. The tablet was attached to a very sensitive theft alarm that would go off when I picked it up! Soooo…

Plus, although a Lenovo tablet that probably could have taken better pictures was right next to it — the Lenovo didn’t have any icon for the Camera app! So, I had to use the craptastic Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite on the other side of the Asus for photos.

Also, Best Buy’s WiFi was atrocious. Anything I tried online was slower than dial-up.

Anyway, the photos from last night:











1) I have no idea why Android 5.0 is 32-bits when the CPU is 64-bits. Intel is supplying Android, probably based on AOSP — as they do for the Chinese.

2) I have no idea why only 471MBs out of 1.9GBs of RAM is available. Nothing else aside from AnTuTu was running.

3) The side photo was my lame attempt to show how thin the tablet is. It’s thiiiiin!

4) The screen is bright and sharp and rivals screens from Samsung. Colors pop like crazy.

5) I wanted to test the shit out of it but that theft alarm prevented trying anything other than AnTuTu.

With this tablet, my advice is to skip all of the iPad Mini clones with China brand names. Asus is a global brand, it can be bought in-person and from reputable online sources. Returning it for any reason won’t be a problem. Build quality will be superior. As for support, it’s unknown how much updating Asus will be offering for Android. I’d like to see the 32-bit version swapped out for the 64-bit one as a start.

Asus embarrassed the hell out of Samsung by producing a far better tablet than the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 for a lower price. Samsung is still asking US$229 for the Tab A 8.0 — which has a 1024 x 768 screen and Snapdragon 410 CPU, which yields this AnTuTu score:


That’s 12,000 points lower than the Asus!

Let’s review the two models from Asus again. The one in store at Best Buy is the model on the left:


As excited as I am by the model at Best Buy, the alternate model with Pen support and more powerful CPU excites me even more. When will that be released and what will its price be?

What I can say for sure is this: If the need arises for me to have a triage tablet, I’d get this Asus at Best Buy. And I wouldn’t feel like I was throwing away money. I could get some use out of it. With its 33,000-range AnTuTu score, it’s on par with many Intel-based tablets out of China.

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15 responses to “Asus ZenPad S 8.0: First AnTuTu Score

  1. John

    Am I missing something or is this tablet very similar to the Nokia N1 specswise? I’m a little bit worried about the 4000mah battery, doesn’t seem like much. Other than that looking great. (btw, the type c is usb 2.0 like in the nokia n1)

  2. giouncino

    Generally Android use almost all available RAM (so low availability of free RAM is quite normal on Android), it makes it free only when an app ask for RAM.

  3. Meesa

    Perhaps you should compare to tab pro 8.4… which is better in all ways and faster antutu. Purchase a tp8.4 on a $199 BB sale.
    Not my fault samsung made the pos A line to clutter the mark(et further.

  4. Luke

    I simply still do not understand. Last year, yes almost a year ago, I bought a LG gpad 8.3 .. I don’t know by heart which cpu it has but it scores like 30.000 on Antutu and runs everything you throw at it. It has a sd-card slot, and a full HD screen that is really nice. I bought it for like 170 euro which must be like $190
    I seriously like it. When I bought it it wasn’t even newly released but it still outperforms most tablets in price, performance, build, screen quality etc.that are released now. What a weird market it is.

    • I did several posts about that tablet:

      It wasn’t available long in the U.S., just a matter of months, and at a far higher price. The retail market in the U.S. has become very limited since CompUSA and other large stores closed in the wake of competition from Amazon. There’s basically Best Buy and maybe one or two small independent storefronts in NYC now. Most tablets don’t even get in stores over here — except for plenty of craptabs at Best Buy. HP’s Android tablets aren’t in Best Buy at all and their Slate 8 Pro made it into just a single independent store here — too late for anyone to be interested in it as it was already obsolete.

  5. Dan EE

    Did it have A band WiFi? I have not seen any A band test reports run through FCC. Did you run any video tests? It is unclear what Atom processors support HW accelerated h.265 or VP9 and if API is exposed to Android 5.1

  6. Dan EE

    A band and HEVC(h.265) are two of my requirements. The next GoPro will have h.265 and NetFlix has announced they are going to it. It will become mainstream IMHO. I meant that Intel does not appear to have decoders for h.265 or VP9. They do have h.264 and VP8. It may be the SW does not support it yet. The one I looked at needed a 155MB update applied. It was still at 5.0.1 after the update. I think Asus rushed it out the door.

  7. Just bought this tablet tonight at BB… seriously impressed, it was a scratch and dent/open box for $159.. after I bought it I took it over to the Samsung Galaxy tab s2 8.0 for a direct comparison.. same footprint although the samsung seemed to be a hair thinner(literally) , both are ridiculous thin, screen quality very similar.. I’ve always liked amoled screens the best but this one darn near poped as much as the amoled. I also compared it side by side with the ipad 3 mini, same footprint yet lighter and a little thinner barely, amazing quality for the price.

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