New MiPad Tablet Next Week?


Xiaomi is, of course, being coy about what it is. And iLevon is being uncharacteristically mum (for now?). One leaker says it’s a thinner version of the Mi Note phone.

But I believe Weibo users have cracked the PK code: “Pad King.”

With a drought of China tablet news, this is a welcome sight. Let’s see if they leapfrog Asus and wound Samsung.

No mater how desirable the tablet is, don’t count on being able to get one for months. Xiaomi won’t do the kind of large production run they do for a phone. Shortages ahead.

Same-day update: A second promo image, this time from the Donovan Sung Weibo:


There could be more than one product announced on July 16.


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8 responses to “New MiPad Tablet Next Week?

  1. It will be easy to get one, but the price paid to resellers will make it undesirable

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  3. Louis

    hi Mike
    I think it will be Mi TV for Indian market
    PK is an Indian film
    and from xiaomi’s blog, it looks like a tv to me
    How do you think?

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