Microsoft: Sell Nokia Back To Nokia

I said that in a damn tweet (which I can’t find due to Twitter Search now being crippled beyond use) and now analyst Tomi Ahonen is saying it too: Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me a Match – What if Microsoft sold Nokia back to Nokia.

So lets make it a clean break. All dumphone related business at Microsoft, probably 4,000 employees and 2 factories, including related sales and marketing, would be sold back to Nokia. And as the enticement for Nokia to take this dying business, Nokia would be released from any limitations to sell and manufacture smartphones, say from January 1, 2016.

I disagree with Ahonen on plenty of things. But this is one time that I not only agree with him but I have to applaud the way he worked it all out too.

I’ve blasted Nokia many, many times. They should have dumped Symbian, MeeGo, and everything else (aside from their dumbphone business) and gone all-in with Android. They would have crushed Samsung, HTC, LG, and the rest. They’d have the largest marketshare of any Android phone maker, and probably would have outsold even the iPhone. Nokia knows how to do kick-ass, killer, long-lasting, quality and attractive hardware.

And while they were cleaning up with Android, then they could have done what Samsung has been trying: To move people to an OS they mainly control (Tizen).

What a waste!

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