First User Reports About Asus ZenPad S 8.0

ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 now available from Best Buy for $199


I bought one from Best Buy this week and it’s only ok. A little stuttery, unfortunately. I’m returning it tomorrow.


Can confirm it’s running 5.0… I bought one of these for my 5yr old last week at best buy. Was going to get him the galaxy tab A moving up from his gpad 8.3 but this just seemed so much better for the price. Build quality is very nice.. I even considered ditching my nexus 9 for one myself.


It seems to be lacking 5ghz Wi-Fi as mine only connects to the 2.4ghz

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4 responses to “First User Reports About Asus ZenPad S 8.0

  1. Pete

    I tried one today in Best Buy. I’ll pass on it. Scrolling was very stuttery. Build quality was good, however the way the back had an offset cover thing was weird. Not sure what the idea behind it is. Kinda felt right for sticking something under it and prying it off!!!

    I think a lot of these manufacturers miss the point. They go for impressive specs but fall down on usability. I wasn’t able to download a PDF to test but just going to and scrolling down the front page was terrible. I walked over to the Apple stand and any of the iPads produced a really smooth scroll. Of course the ipad is a shedload more but you really do get what you pay for. It is the same with a lot of the Chinese phones. They seem to tweak them for game playing but they suck on ordinary stuff. I just bought a Huawei Ascend Mate 7. 6 inch screen, superb build. High specs and scrolls like a snail. Real disappointment. Off to ebay with it. I’m a phone nut. I change my phone every few months!!!!

    Mike, have you looked at picking up a used Nokia 1520 phone as your standby device. they are pretty cheep now, have a wonderful 1080p screen and are as smooth as butter. I use one for for surfing, email, Zite (wonderful app if you have never tried it (Android, Apple and Windows phone devices) and just leave it lying about the house. It may be what you are looking for. I never used it as a phone so can’t comment on what it is like even though I unlocked it.

    • Due to the sensitive alarm plus lateness of the hour (Best Buy was closing in an hour), all I could do was the AnTuTu test. I intend to go back to find a Best Buy with another one on display with a non-sensitive alarm to test.

      The 1520 is an interesting idea but I’d rather have a phone as a phone too. And Windows Phone is completely off my list.

  2. Pete

    I must admit I like the design and front end of windows phone (I use launcher8 to mimic it on all my android phones) but felt the platform was on its way out because lots of apps are no longer being supported. That’s why I went for the Huawei as a replacement for the Nokia 1520. However, I just downloaded the beta for Windows 10 on the 1520 and it was quite an eye opener. The new browser now opens sites that previously wanted to install flash, which is impossible on windows 8 phones, and the whole feel of the system seems better. There is a great little app that makes websites into apps with loads of ready made icons so the loss of apps is not such a big deal. I think I’ll hang onto the Nokia until Windows 10 is a final release and then see if I keep it or not. It really does work well as a 6 inch tablet.

    I don’t know if you ever got to try the Xiaomi MiPad. It is comparable to the iPad mini for smooth scrolling. Actually quite a nice little tablet. Doesn’t come with the play store but easy to install it and all the google apps.

  3. Luke

    I actually agree with Pete. I am an Android lover, hence all my phones are Androids. I love open source and the way it has been developed since ver1.6 which was some alpha baked cookie.
    When I heard all these people talk about the Windows phone I held my breath. Especially the 24 hour non stop service that I have to provide to my family with their lap- and desktops got me scared.
    My mother in law, I’m sure she doesn’t read you blog, is the worst nightmare known in human kind. She actually just called me asking what to do with her e-reader. No explanation on what she wanted or what she was thinking about. Forget about asking anything since that will trigger her ‘you don’t want to help me’ yell button.
    Now last year she came home with a cheap Nokia Windows phone. Apart from the question about the usual passwords I haven’t heard here about it.
    Whenever I tried it it seems to work fine for a very cheap phone. Even after a year it still feels snappy. Scrolling through the photos on her device, which only has 512MB, sometimes feels more fluent than on my Oneplus One which has 3GB of ram and a much faster cpu.
    Actually thinking about it after all the so called performance updates of Android, from v1 to v5 now, can they actually proof this?
    I bought myself a Chuwi vi8 just to test the dual OS. To my surprise I really like win8.1 on it. Of course it lacks some things like friendliness but it seems MS is on track again and I am really looking fwd to Windows 10.

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