Asus ZenPad S 8.0: First Owner Review

My Asus Zenpad S 8.0 Review


I don’t do anything crazy on my devices so I generally don’t need a ton of horsepower, but I can certainly tell the difference between a smooth, fluid device and a Galaxy S lag and stutterfest. The Zenpad is mostly smooth. Once in a while there’s a slight stutter or hiccup (mostly when scrolling a long list quickly), but coming from the butter of Nexus’, I don’t notice it that often. I would assume that any issues stem from ZenUI, because the hardware used here is plenty powerful. Overall I would assume this tablet would be fine for most people, though I haven’t really put it through any taxing games. If there’s something you want me to test, I would be happy to.

What’s funny is the kicker at the bottom. He discovered that power optimization was on and that accounted for a few of the hiccups he experienced. Remember to turn it off.

There’s a lively discussion there and word of no root yet:

Tried kingo and towel. No luck. :-(

It won’t be long, once the wizards at XDA Developers get their hands on it.

I hope to do more tests of my own later this week …

Previously here:

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4 responses to “Asus ZenPad S 8.0: First Owner Review

  1. Dan EE

    One of the cheap Chinese clones is the Best Buy Insignia Flex Elite 7.85″ that actual looks promising. It is $150 and has A/B/G/N, 2048×1536 display. I picked one up to try it out. It has the Rockchip RK3288 processor. WiFi is better than my N7. It has a Broadcom WiFi/BT combo chip. The Asus Z580C doesn’t have A band and that is a show stopper for me. The local coffee shop and has both A and G. The G band is so crowded and slow, but the A band is not crowded at all.
    I got 38005 on AnTuTu the first time I ran it before Google had time to install all the apps I don’t want. After all the Google installs and updates, it consistently gets ~36,380. The biggest thing that impressed me was the AnTuTu V3.0 video test score was 785. Handled all the AVC/HEVC in 2K and 4K. Screen looks great. The bad thing is the SW like all these clones. It runs 5.0.1 but the screen auto brightness only has one setting. It doesn’t pay attention to the brightness setting in auto. It won’t turn on from the off state if charging. You can tell they took the Nexus 7 as the baseline for the SW. The regulatory information under “about tablet” has the Nexus 9 model 0P82100 page. Whoops! It also lives up to it’s name and has a lot of flex. It could use metal frame on the edge. Other than that the HW is good. RockChip released a new 5.1 SDK to the manufacturers at the end of May. It may be a new firmware release come soon and will clear up most of the problems. Having Best Buy as the marketer may increase the pressure to get the SW right.

    • WTF? I’ve never heard of that tablet. And I was in FOUR Best Buy stores this week and none had that. Only one still had those crappy Trio tablets that are junk.

  2. MadSquabbles

    I’ve found a way to root it if you’re interested. I hate to seem spammy but here’s the xda link:

    my Reddit post hadn’t gone live so I put it on xda.

    thanks for your info on this nice cheap device. without it I may not have picked one up!

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