No New iPad Air In 2015?

Report: Apple won’t release a new 9.7-inch iPad Air this year

Can the world survive without a new 9.7-inch Apple iPad introduced this year? It might have to if Chinese publication Economic Daily News is right. A reliable source in the past, the Economic Daily News says that Foxconn has received orders for the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro, and for the Apple iPad mini 4.

That would be … highly weird.

It would also be Samsung’s last chance, really. If they can’t sell loads of the 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab S2 in the absence of a new iPad Air, they’ll never be able to get anywhere with tablets.


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2 responses to “No New iPad Air In 2015?

  1. Robert Jasiek

    No iPad Air 3 in 2015 means this to me: On the one hand, I do not care because iOS 9 still does not include any file manager. On the other hand, I have been hoping for less display mirroring than of the Air 2 and its falling price. Without any Air 3, all those expected Windows 10 tablets and, if – IF! – Samsung does it right, the Tab S2 look even more attractive.

    But really, if Apple could not bring out the Air 3, it would fire the continued decline in Air 2 sales. Anybody remember that 16GB minimal storage is becoming the running joke of the tablet industry? The Air 2 has a smaller battery duration than the Air, so at the very least Apple should bring out an Air 3 to improve on the latter.

    The iPad mini 4 is desparately needed to offer an Air 2-like display at the very least.

    Air and mini displays are not the brightest in the market. Changing to IZGO might be an option.

    Such are enough reasons for an Air 3 to appear. If Apple fails, then soon die Apple. Even any cheap Chinese company can update their models 4 times a year. There is no excuse whatsoever for not bringing at least one update per year.

  2. I wouldn’t put much weight in this. The original source has a bad record on Apple rumors.

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