#FuckCancer: Fuck Rats

Deficiency in glutamine but not glucose induces MYC-dependent apoptosis in human cells


Look, I’m an ignorant layman. I’ve read many cancer research papers since February. But even being an ignorant layman, I questioned very early on in my reading what the fuck mice and rats had to do with curing cancer in humans.

Now someone else has come out and said that too — in a research paper.

No, #FuckCancer is not over. Which is why I’m still considering a triage tablet. All that happened is that I got annoyed with the original #FuckCancer post as a Sticky.

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4 responses to “#FuckCancer: Fuck Rats

  1. Luke

    Perhaps all this research thing should be researched.
    They’re have been vast improvements in science and medicine because we are using powerful computers over the last decade.
    I wouldn’t have been alive without them but only thanks to a clever doctor and a male nurse who had the ability to do a simple 1 + 1 about 7 years ago. Technology is only an aid … humans still have to provide the correct input and thoughts to make it work out.

    I am extremely thankful on one side but also extremely angry on the other side. Sometimes you just have to let people go.
    My father faced the consequences of gravity, falling 12m (38ft) onto a marble floor last year in January. The amount of machines to keep him alive, community money spend… 8 broken ribs, punctured lung, both shoulder blades broken, internal organs damaged … +70 years ….
    He is still alive now but with my mother taking care of him 24/7 and us aiding with all of the rest of the issues. I almost don’t dare to say this but if my father passed away my mother would have picked up her life again and I would still have my old friend and real father as a memory.

    • Sorry to hear of your problems.

      Latest research paper I came across again highlighted differences between mice/rats and humans. Humans have two of something to process a certain enzyme. Mice/rats have just one.

      In addition, implanting a tumor into an otherwise 100% healthy mice/rat is a vastly different environment than a human body that’s been cooking a tumor for perhaps years. That entire human body is also different than a 100% healthy human body.

      • Luke

        No worries Mike, for me it is like learning money, for my mother a completely different thing.
        I still remember your first post about it and have been actively donating to the right groups locally whom I trust.
        Keep it fresh in the minds of people! One day we will all be facing this terrible disease in our family, friends etc

        If you look at it from the medical perspective it gives people a lot of work, an income. But how much does a human life cost, or how much is it worth? I know it is a bit different than what you are writing here, yet … thinking about it it makes me angry that some highly intelligent people can’t do a 1+1 in some cases. 1 research paper says something opposite than another or is absolutely not combinable.
        Also in what you are writing, how many good lives have there been lost by using animals when they could have used humans knowing that the result is completely different?
        People who are terminally ill who want to help but doctors can’t do this because of some ethical code. That same ethical code is preventing them to develop something which could lead to far greater results than the stuff they are doing now. So what’s unethical in someone who is in his last stage of life and wants to help millions of others?

      • It’s not an ethical code. It’s lawyers. Lawyers ruin everything.

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