Samsung: Charging More For Less = Fewer Sales, Less Profits

Galaxy A8 prices start at north of $500

Hahahahahahaha. No.

This is a US$350 device, period. There’s now real competition from Alcatel, Asus, and LG, to name just three.

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2 responses to “Samsung: Charging More For Less = Fewer Sales, Less Profits

  1. ha ha
    it is 200$ mid-range device like xiaomi mi4i, zte nubia z5 mini etc. etc. etc.
    350$ costs a flagship like mi4, future mi5 and others.

    • I didn’t include Chinese brands in the list of competitors because most Chinese phones have radios just for China cell networks. I’m located in the U.S. so I tend to view things that will work in my country. But you’re correct that Samsung will have hard time selling that in China when so many other local China phones offer the same — or even more — for less money.

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