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Thunderbirds 1965 Is Now Go-Go!



First Stretch Goal achieved! There will be two episodes made, with the second one being Introducing Thunderbirds, a prequel!


Thunderbirds 1965: New Episodes From 1960s Recordings

This is so exciting!

Can we do all three?

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Thunderbirds 1965 Is Go!
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Thunderbirds 1965
BFI Video: Filmed In Supermarionation
Filmed In Supermarionation: Stephen La Rivière Q&A
Supermarionation Forever

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ZUK Phone: Base Model Is 64GBs?



That would be an interesting move. But what will it do to the price?

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Second Memo To Lenovo/Zuk
Memo To Lenovo/Zuk

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Vido Announces Q80 Child Tracker Wristband

No tablet. This is the big July 20 announcement.



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