If Apple’s iPad Is Down, China Tablets Must Be Dead

(Yes, an unfortunate title after two R.I.P. posts, but I couldn’t think of something better …)

Via Twitter:

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The only big chance China tablets had in America were eight-inch Windows 8.1 tablets. And those didn’t set any sales records or we’d be seeing them in public all over the place.

Meanwhile, over in China, tablet makers with names readers are familiar with — Teclast, Onda, Chuwi, et al — keep running “sales” for their tablets. There’s been an odor of desperation from these tablet brands. I’m not sure that even Core-M Windows tablets — aimed at business and professionals — are doing well.

It doesn’t help any of these domestic brands that they have poor reputations from past shoddy products. Once someone gets screwed by a company, they’re not inclined to give that company a second chance. Personally, I’ll never buy something from either Dell or Toshiba due to issues I’ve had.

Anyway, it could very well be that the upgrade cycle for the iPad is longer than expected. Also, I’ve read many articles about how “phablets” are replacing tablets. Does Apple care if an iPhone 6 Plus replaces an iPad sale? Hell no. They get money either way — and more money from the iPhone sale.

While the iPad sold “only” about eleven million, there are plenty of companies out there that’d be strutting if they sold that many of something.



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3 responses to “If Apple’s iPad Is Down, China Tablets Must Be Dead

  1. Ric Day

    The “upgrade cycle” for iPads is nearly non-existent. With one exception (dropped it and then replaced it), everyone I know who has one loves it and has no plan to “update” it.

    Pretty much all of them replace their iPhones every 2 years; so far, iPads have not provided reasons to do that.

    So, yes, I think all the other iPad clone makers are struggling.

  2. Eric

    I sell iPads and a lot are sold as computer replacements, families used to give grandma or granddad a computer to do email and Skype video chat most often one they are upgrading from.

    People now give older relatives iPads with cellular connections for email and FaceTime. It is cheaper and easier for the grandparents.

    I have no doubt the iPad refresh rate is measured in years even my own use is 3 years from an iPad.

    I still see 2 or 3 people a week with first gen iPads that want to do the FaceTime thing their families ask about.

  3. Robert Jasiek

    Older iPads are good enough for not being replaced every year. Bigger iPhones eat from iPads. The world-wide saturation on tablets in developed countries is being approached. During the last ca. two years, competition from other companies’ tablets has become serious. The iPads still lack a local file manager, USB and advanced OS security features, so they do not compete on productivity. The iPad Air 2 can be improved in details: yet less (or no!) display mirroring, brighter screen, longer battery life, better WLAN range and reliability, better speakers, more stable device for less disturbed screen, more reliable iOS, less home screen junk icons and better icon management, lower price, greater minimal storage, alternatives for the bloatware iTunes, much simpler activation, much shorter TOS, greater flexibility for power users etc. The mini 3 lacks innovation.

    The iPad is very far from dying, has much improvement potential but gets increasingly tougher competition.

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