Insignia Flex Elite: PubMed Test

I also tested it as a possible Triage Tablet.

Here it is being used with PubMed.











The frustrating thing is I couldn’t find a way to make it download a PDF instead of displaying it. I don’t want to have to rely on a wireless connection to read a research paper.

Other than that, it worked well for this purpose.

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6 responses to “Insignia Flex Elite: PubMed Test

  1. E.T.

    Like on desktops, downloading PDFs may be customizable within the browser. You may also want to try other browsers, like the excellent Dolphin.

  2. Eric Zlanabitnig

    Tap on “Full Text links” – “PMC full Text” (Screenshot #2, in the right upper corner) – then you will be able to download the articel in different formats.

    • Doing what you said in Screenshot 2 gave me Screenshot 3. But I see now in 3 that there’s a Download PDF link to the left, which I missed during the test!

      EDIT July 28 Update: It turns out I *did* download that PDF. It was still on the Insignia when I was at Best Buy today. It got dropped from the post because I missed uploading the screensnap for it (the screensnap was still on the Insignia today — I’ve deleted all the screensnaps that were still on that tablet).

  3. Rotaglide

    And when you look at Screenshot #3 on the left side under “Articel Tools” you will find also a download link.

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