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Insignia Flex Elite: New Owner Comments

From digitaldoom at XDA Developers forum.


I managed to pick the flex elite 7.85″ tablet up @ my local Best Buy yesterday for a discounted price of only $90 and so far very happy with it for the cost. Not sure I would be so happy at the full $150…maybe so though.

Battery life isn’t the greatest even with a good battery saving app. Doesn’t bother me to much though because I usually have my tabs plugged into the wall outlet.

Some things I like are the beautiful display and greatly bright lighting, makes it easy to use outside or in. Also like the quick responsiveness and sensitive touch screen. It’s not so sensitive that you’re accidentally hitting things you don’t want to but plenty sensitive to pick up on the intentional hits. I like the thin style (only 0.3″ thin, I think). Although it’s plastic it feels solid and higher end in the hands. All in all it’s just a decent tab for the average user…although maybe not so much for the enthusiast.

A couple things I don’t like are that there are no accessories available for it at all. I’m rough on electronics (drop alot) and a good, solid case is near necessity for me. Still ticked off about dropping my Sero 7 PRO and killing it last year…man, was that ever a nice tab?!

Another thing I am a bit disenchanted with is no root instruction yet available and no ROM that I know of…been searching and hoping. I also read somewhere that it’s not possible to write to the micro SD card from the tablet…if true, that really sucks! Though I rarely use a micro SD card with tabs, it’s nice to be able to use them to keep onboard space freed up. I still need to buy a micro SD to test this last statement for myself, so can’t guarantee the accuracy of the statement.

Anyway, decent tab that will probably fulfill my web browsing, shopping and WordPress needs for the next year so can’t complain for a $90 investment. I don’t expect any updates to the firmware over it’s lifetime and really not to hopeful for a root instructional to be written but still pretty decent out of the box so far….I’ll let you know about the possible microsd issue once I find out for myself.

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