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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: AnTuTu 53,000-Range

Via Google/YouTube Notifications:


Let’s review …

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Windows 10 Update: Vido, CUBE, Teclast



The link goes to their firmware page [Google Translate].

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Onda V919 3G Core-M: Unboxing Video


See the video at QQ.

It has one of those two-part chargers notebooks use.

Same-day update: See the video at TECHTablets, which ripped it to YouTube (I have had Flash disabled for two months now …).

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Weird Rumor: MiPad II To Be A Windows Tablet

This is so screwy that I give it a post just for seeming like an epic troll.

See the post here [Google Translate].

It reiterates that sales of the MiPad didn’t set any records (translate says sales were “dismal”) and that Lei Jun’s aspiration to lead in the tablet market failed.

But even so, to abandon their in-house MIUI for Windows 10?

The only way that would make even a shred of sense is if China Android tablet sales have gone completely off a cliff (very plausible) and the only way to stay in the tablet market is to grab onto Windows 10 as a lifeline — something Teclast, Onda, Chuwi, CUBE, and others have been doing. That would put Xiaomi in the same tablet boat.

Which will probably ultimately sink.

Previously here:

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Mr. Robot, Episode 6 Continuity Error

So as not to spoil it for others who might not have watched yet, it’s after the break.

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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: First Unboxing Video

And the honor goes to Angel Valdez, who was the first to post actually any video about the tablet.


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