The Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: What’s Lurking In Its Android?

Yesterday at Best Buy.



Was there actually an update that was in progress that got interrupted by the Best Buy WiFi access timing out?

Notice that this connects to Rockchip, not Insignia.

This isn’t good:


Neither AnTuTu nor SmartQ showed up in the carousel card view yet they were running. I killed them from that screen.

Google Services detail:



Location Services is often a battery drain, according to what I’ve read. I didn’t check Settings to see if it was On or Off. It should probably be set to Off unless Maps or geotagging photo/video needs to be used.

The very sparse Settings in the dropdown menu:


Huh. And now I see Location was turned On!

This is a WiFi-only tablet, so why does it have Mobile Data and Mobile Network Configuration:


Mobile Data detail screens:




Mobile Network Configuration detail screens:




What is Phone doing as an app in a WiFi-only tablet:


Phone detail screens:




I see here there are three Update apps — one System Update and two Update:


Unfortunately, I noticed the two Update apps only now, not at Best Buy, so no detail screens for them. System Update detail screen was at the start of this post.

All of my test apps and files were still on the unit. I tested the “iOS edition” of The American Magazine with SmartQ Reader again, to confirm my initial impression. It was hella fast, with absolutely zero delay in moving from page to page. I then did it in Foxit Mobile PDF again — and got the usual one-to-two (sometimes three!) second delay between page renders.

There’s still no status change at XDA Developers forum or at the ARCTablet forum. Summer doldrums?

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4 responses to “The Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: What’s Lurking In Its Android?

  1. Rotaglide

    Android is primary an OS for Smartphones, Mobile Data and Mobile Network Configuration you find in nearly every Wifi only Tablet. The reason is that the OEM’s aren’t removing the apps for the Telephone function, and they do this since years. And not only chinese “unknown” brands are user to handle it this way, even my Acer Iconia A500 and my Onda V989 had the same “bug”. The most horrible thing is, when you go in the settings to the battery stats, and see a power consumption over 60% for the Mobile Standby on a Wifi only tab. The Internet is full of questions regarding this topic, especially from “non geeks” who only want a tab as a daily driver and not as a development project. Most users are facing that problem, when they have a device with poor battery life (which is caused by the not optimized firmware) and start looking what’s draining the battery.
    Only way to get it away is to root the device and kill telephone.apk and telephoneyprovider.apk, but battery life doesn’t increase when you delete it (ok, some say it increases battery life), because what’s not present can’t need power.

  2. hi

    i have an ifive mini 4 ( wifi+3g).
    even if did not use 3g, cellular data was always on , drainining battery a lot. I think it is the same with this tablet.
    the only way to “kill” cellular data is to delete some system files, i did it, now no more battery drain ( especially in stand by)
    If you want to know how to.. ask me!!

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