Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: Another Best Buy Investigation

Now two of the four Best Buy stores I check have it in. Oddly, neither one have a placard out for it, with name, specs, price.

This is the About screen from the second store’s tablet:


It matches the About screen from the first store’s tablet:


All screensnaps from here on are from the second tablet.

Battery information:



Not much to go on there.

What was running outside of the carousel card view:


Docs detail screen:


And detail screens for the two Update apps I missed last time:



Google Maps:


Yes, that’s an indoor map of the Best Buy I was in!

Flat 3D:



Another day of insanity in America:



ABC News site would not show the damn video after running the ad (this is not the fault of the tablet, however; that site often does that):


I got to the video via YouTube:




The Commandbar does disappear during video playback. I swiped up to make it appear for the screensnap icon.

Awwww, poor startup:


No, I have no sympathy.

Two more sample photos:

Um, yeah. Just good enough for blogging if I reduce them to 800 pixels wide. At least the colors pop.

As for the video camera, it was a trip. Despite good WiFi, it would have been a pain to try to upload a sample to YouTube. As long as the camera is held completely still — an impossibility — it takes a good image. Once the camera — tablet — is moved, everything begins to smear. It’s a toy video camera.

The Camera app itself is barebones and rather crap. A third-party app would be an improvement.

Everyone will want to pillory me for this, but I tried to download Towelroot to see if the tablet could be rooted. Clicking on the lambda image there spawned an infinite number of tabs in Chrome and I had to race to shut them down before the tablet was brought to its knees. I tried downloading it twice. Same result. I could have tried to get it from another source but I figured getting it elsewhere would be inviting malware. My failed attempt was dangerous enough!

I think I will leave testing Towelroot up to actual owners!

Although Kingo Root is probably what would work (video embedding disabled, click here for it).

I did one more Google Books test to compare against this tablet — with the Nexus 9. I was able to quickly download SmartQ Reader from the Play Store and then The People of the Abyss, Surface Japan, and the ‘iOS edition” of The American Magazine from my Google Docs.

SmartQ Reader was wicked fast with all three, just like it is on the Insignia Flex Elite.

Then I downloaded Foxit Mobile PDF and tried it on all three. And SmartQ Reader just kicked its ass, even with all that Nvidia Tegra K1 power behind Foxit.

So that concludes what will probably be my final examination of this tablet.

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4 responses to “Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: Another Best Buy Investigation

  1. giouncino

    As far as I read on About screen here…it seems to me a fake version of lollipop, simply because RK3288 kernel 3.10.0 is used on kitkat and I assume it is impossible that the same RK3288 kernel can be used on lollipop….

    I could be wrong but it could be a Kitkat version modified to seems lollipop (I’ve already seen that on other chinese tablets…)

  2. giouncino

    I really don’t know that…

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