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Good Job, Sony

Xperia C5 Ultra pre-sales sell out in Hong Kong

I guess the equivalent of US$425.00 is seen as not too much to pay for it.

But over on this side of the world, there’s still the US$99 ZTE Zmax, the US$199 LG G Stylo, the $250 Alcatel OneTouch Idol, and the US$299 Asus Zenfone 2, to name just four competitors I’ve posted about here. (And Asus might do a six-inch model.)

At US$425, the reviews for that phone had better find zero flaws.

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True Detective Season 2 Finale: Speculative Spoiler


It’s really been nothing more than a regular cop show with some “fuck” thrown in.

The cops are generic cliché templates. There’s no one special like Cohle or as frustratingly ordinary as Hart.

I’ve enjoyed foreign cop shows more, such as Forbrydelsen and Braquo.

Spoilers ahead.

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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: Dan EE & OMA Progress?

A new development at the ARCTablet forum that could be the start of transforming the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 into something worth getting.

Click to enlarge:


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R.I.P. Dr. Frances Kelsey

Canadian doctor who kept thalidomide out of U.S. dies

The drug, made by the German firm Chemie Grünenthal, was approved for use in countries around the world, including Britain, Japan and Canada. But Dr. Kelsey, a novice medical examiner working for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at the dawn of the 1960s, remained skeptical about its safety. Her insistence on obtaining scientific evidence despite the drug company’s relentless lobbying kept thalidomide at bay in the United States.

I doubt anyone today at the FDA could stand up against a pharma company.

She was a hero.

Rest in peace.


Dr. Frances Kelsey, Who Protected Americans from Thalidomide, Turns 100
Frances Oldham Kelsey

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The WalkCar: Brilliant Or Fraudulent?

After the break is a video I’m having a very, very, very difficult time believing.

It shows a notebook-sized Segway-like board.

That itself is unbelievable. I’ve been watching alternative transportation on YouTube and there’s been nothing like this before now.

Totally unbelievable is it being used to push an occupied wheelchair.

And what makes me want to scream “FRAUD!!!” is such a small device putting out enough torque to climb a hill.

See if you believe it …

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Thunderbirds 1965 Is Go-Go-Go!


There’s still time to contribute and offer them a cushion in case of failed pledges: Thunderbirds 1965: New Episodes From 1960s Recordings

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Supermarionation Forever

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Onda Engineer Q&A Weibo

An Onda engineer answered questions on Weibo about the new V919 3G Air Core-M tablet.

I’m publishing all of the Weibos.

Weibo regarding heat:


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Onda V919 3G Air Core-M Listing


Onda product page

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Onda V919 3G Air Core-M: Windows 10 Bootup Time Video

As things are developing today, there will be several posts about the Onda V919 3G Air Core-M tablet.

After the break is an unboxing video from a vendor showing a Windows 10 bootup time of about ten-to-twelve seconds.

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Onda V919 3G Air Dual-OS Core-M: 61,000-Range AnTuTu Claimed

Onda is having an engineer answer questions about the Onda V919 3G Air Core-M on Weibo today and a bit of performance information not available until now has come out.

It’s the AnTuTu score for Android 5.x:

Click = big; red highlighting added by me.

They’re comparing it to an octa-core MediaTek — the same MediaTek CPU CUBE tried to pass off with a fraudulent score (see this also).

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