Good Job, Sony

Xperia C5 Ultra pre-sales sell out in Hong Kong

I guess the equivalent of US$425.00 is seen as not too much to pay for it.

But over on this side of the world, there’s still the US$99 ZTE Zmax, the US$199 LG G Stylo, the $250 Alcatel OneTouch Idol, and the US$299 Asus Zenfone 2, to name just four competitors I’ve posted about here. (And Asus might do a six-inch model.)

At US$425, the reviews for that phone had better find zero flaws.

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2 responses to “Good Job, Sony

  1. Y

    Why good job? It is a Mediatek (MTK) SoC and like every MTK SoC full of nasty surprises. Why do you think even Chinese manufacturer have moved to Qualcomm SoC?

    • Good job in selling out their allotment. Not everyone cares about hacking their phone or rooting it. MediaTek CPUs will do just fine for most people.

      And if Qualcomm was having such great sales, why did they just lay off a bunch of people?

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