The WalkCar: Brilliant Or Fraudulent?

After the break is a video I’m having a very, very, very difficult time believing.

It shows a notebook-sized Segway-like board.

That itself is unbelievable. I’ve been watching alternative transportation on YouTube and there’s been nothing like this before now.

Totally unbelievable is it being used to push an occupied wheelchair.

And what makes me want to scream “FRAUD!!!” is such a small device putting out enough torque to climb a hill.

See if you believe it …

Other videos from that alleged company are here.

Prior to this purported device, this was the smallest powered Segway-like device on YouTube, out of China:

As can be seen, it’s quite a bit larger and heavier!

Previously here:

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2 responses to “The WalkCar: Brilliant Or Fraudulent?

  1. Ric Day

    I have seen the larger one in action – a Chinese guy was riding it in the mall a few days ago and I was impressed. In a moment of madness I started thinking about getting one … Then sanity prevailed!

    The small one, I vote fraud. Both the battery density and the quality of electric motors needed would not, I believe, fit in that device.

    • I’ve seen the Chinese one too. A guy in The Hood down the block was riding one at night, just around front of his joint. I figured it’d be too heavy to want to lug. And I don’t believe for a moment the WalkCar is real. It’d require a huge breakthrough in both battery and electric motor technologies. The torque can’t be there when larger scooters can’t go uphill like that without a struggle.

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