True Detective Season 2 Finale: Speculative Spoiler


It’s really been nothing more than a regular cop show with some “fuck” thrown in.

The cops are generic cliché templates. There’s no one special like Cohle or as frustratingly ordinary as Hart.

I’ve enjoyed foreign cop shows more, such as Forbrydelsen and Braquo.

Spoilers ahead.

I knew Blake was the traitor episodes ago. That’s a sign of very cliché writing.

So, I think I know the trajectory of the finale.

This is somewhat different from what I published on Twitter earlier in the week.

1) At the cash handoff ambush, everyone except Frank is killed. He thinks he’ll just walk away with the twelve million.

2) But Velcoro and Bezzerides ambush him, kill him, and take the money.

3) Later, as they sit in their car after the getaway, discussing what they’ll each do before parting company, both are shot dead.

4) By Jordan, Frank’s wife. Because she is absolutely never going to work at fucking Applebee’s ever again.

Any loose ends? Too damned bad. They won’t be wrapped up in the finale, either.

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